Our Story

Founded in 2019, Adam & Kassandra Furlong started Outport Acres with a dream of creating a small-scale, sustainable farm that could provide delicious and nutritional food to the people of Newfoundland.

Every decision that is made on the farm is rooted in our commitment to environmental stewardship, agricultural sustainability, and production of healthy, fresh, and delicious food.

Decisions based around these principles usually create more costly solutions to problems, but the additional cost is worth every dime if it creates a healthier environment to grow the food that we put in our mouths and the mouths of our children.

We aim to create an intensive market garden that can provide an abundance of great food for our community; something that people will be proud to support.

We believe that small scale agriculture can (and will) change the world. We feel that people should know where their food comes from and that starts with knowing your farmer. Feel free to come meet us at the farmers markets and ask us questions about the food we're selling and how it's grown. You'll find that we are more than happy to discuss all things agriculture and sustainability.